UD tape prepreg
Materials Technical Data Sheet
Product description
CF/PEEK UD prepreg tapes is a kind of high-performance thermoplastic composite material made by carbon fiber and PEEK, which could be used in aerospace, military, medical, automotive and many other high temperature applications for a long time due to the chemical stability and durability. The polymer is semi-crystalline with a glass transition temperature of 143℃. The composites possess excellent environmental resistance, toughness, and fire-resistant properties. The material could be formed by autoclave consolidation, wrapping (in-situ curing), automatic placement (in-situ curing) and other processes.
Key Features
Excellent mechanical performance.
Low water absorption, high hydrothermal properties.
Excellent chemical and solvent resistance.
Outstanding flame retardant performance.
Stable performance under unlimited storage at room temperature.
General requirements
● Prepreg resin was uniformly distributed.
● Prepreg fiber were parallel and continuous, no obvious wrinkle, cross.
● No foreign objectives on the surface of prepreg.
Allowed defects
The length of the fiber gap should not exceed 250 mm, and the width should not exceed 1.2 mm.
Defect identification
The prepreg contains a defect mark indicating the type of defect. The defective part is not included in the delivery quantity.
Table 1 Neat resin physical properties


Test results

Specific gravity

1.3 g/cm3

Tg Dry

143 ℃

Tm (Melting point)

343 ℃

Tp (Molding temperature)

370- 400 ℃

Tensile strength

95 Mpa

Table 2 Carbon fiber physical performance


Test results

Tensile strength

5880 Mpa

Tensile modulus

294 Gpa


2.0 %


1.8 g/cm3

Table 3 Prepreg physical property


Test results

S.G of the fiber

150 g/m2

S.G of the resin

228 g/m2

Resin content wt%

34% ± 3%

Single layer thickness (mould press)

0.14 mm

S.G of the prepreg

1.57 g/cm3


6.35-280 mm


Customization >100 m

Table 4 Mechanical properties of UD Tapes



Test method

Test results

0° Tension-strength

RT @ dry

ASTM D 3039

2700 Mpa

0° Tension-modulus

RT @ dry

ASTM D 3039

156 Gpa

0° Compression- strength

RT @ dry

ASTM D 6641

1450 Mpa

0° Compress modulus

RT @ dry

ASTM D 6641

150 Gpa

0° Short-beam shear strength

RT @ dry

ASTM D 2344

85 Mpa

Applicable process
Mould press
The pressure is preferable by 30- 50 bar based on the thickness.
Continuous mould press
The pressure is preferable by 30- 50 bar based on the thickness.
Wrap/High tension wrap
The Wrap process could be in-situ cured.
Automated placement
Both of In-situ curing or autoclave curing can be used when placement.
The prepreg shall be sealed with thin film and put into standard cartons. Each bag of material shall be labelled with:
Manufacturer name:
Product specifications:
Batch No. :
Net weight (kg):
Manufacture Date and serial number:
Not requirement for specific storage environment.
Health & Safety
Please refer to the product SDS for safe handling, personal protective equipment recommendations and disposal considerations.
ItemPropertiesUnitTest standardT700 gradeT300 gradeRemarks
1Physical propertiesResin%ASTM D35293434Customized
5Thichness mm30bar0.135-0.1880.135-0.188Customized
6Mechanical properties0° Tension strengthMpaASTM D303919501650
70° Tension modulusGpaASTM D3039120120
80° short-beam shear strengthMpaASTM D66419090
90° Flexural Strength
MpaASTM D726414001250
100° Flexural ModulusGpaASTM D7264120120

ProductsFiber typeResin typeFiber surface density g/㎡Fiber volume content%
UD prepregCarbon fiber T300 /T700                /T800PAEK(PEK /PEKK                /PEEK)/ PPS/ TPI                / PC/PAStandard145 /160 /200Standard60
Glass fiber: EGL,SGLStandard220Standard50
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