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POLYMORE MATERIALS has invested high-tech company of Polymore Greentech Pte Ltd which focus in novel environmental benign antimicrobial technologies.

Polymore Greentech together with A*STAR (Singapore) scientists developed unique biomimetic antimicrobial technologies (GERM ARMOR®). Our technology adopted several natural bacteria-killing mechanisms, including cicada wing surface nano-array cell membrane physical rupturing mechanism and enzyme related reactive oxygen species killing mechanism. Polymore Greentech aims providing all-aspect protection to our living environment.

POLYMORE MATERIALS have been working closely with A*STAR (Singapore) and successfully made technology breakthrough for series of products. We are continuously investing in our R&D and production capabilities.

Watch GERM ARMOR Antimicrobial Video Here

POLYMORE MATERIALS has established R&D centers in Singapore and collaborating with other research institutes and technical teams in Singapore to continually refine its technology and processes


  • Research of novel non-toxic environmental benign antimicrobial technologies
  • Research of the advanced green antimicrobial technologies applications in healthcare, cosmetic, consumer care, construction, agriculture, marine, public/private environment and biomedical industries.
  • Research and customizing antimicrobial or disinfections applications


POLYMORE MATERIALS Polymerization Research and Test Center

  • Research of the polymerization process of PAEK and resin modification.
  • Research and test of fiber continuous reinforcement materials.
  • Research and test of PAEK materials with continuous fiber reinforcement
  • Post-forming research center of PAEK and its composite materials and the study the molding process of composite materials, analysis and adjustment of the process parameters



Analysis of physical and chemical properties of PAEK materials and their composites, including:

  • Thermal Performance Test (Melting point, Glass Transition Temperature, Thermal Deformation Temperature, etc.)
  • Fluidity test (Dynamic Viscosity, Melt index, etc.)
  • Mechanical Strength Test (Tensile Strength, Tensile Modulus, Elongation at break, Static Bending Strength, etc.)
  • Performance Evaluation Test of Fiber Continuous Reinforcement